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We are the leaders in cost reduction and efficiency in social housing, specialising in repairs and maintenance and asset management. We work with our clients to deliver change programmes that achieve large sustainable cost reductions whilst helping them to improve service delivery.

We do this by getting under the hood of the business through our forensic approach, and not by following a blueprint or making generic recommendations. Whether you’re looking to set up an in-house repairs service, transform your existing service, maximise the value you get from your external contractors, or just review your options, we can help.  

Our focus is on helping make changes that will stick, leading to cost savings year after year and long-term improvements.

Clients come to us because they know we will provide the insights and guidance they need to move forward with confidence and we are different because we guarantee to help improve your performance.

We are so confident that we can achieve savings and transform your organisation that we offer payment by results. Break the cycle of endless reviews with no impact.

Our clients save on average 30% on budgets, can you afford to miss out?

Cost Reduction for Social Housing

We work with our clients to deliver change programmes that achieve large sustainable cost reductions. On average we save our clients 26.9% on their R&M costs and we can do the same for you at no risk.

Repairs & Maintenance Strategy

We will help you select the right delivery model and create a business case for change - all of our recommendations are specifically created for your organisation, not a standard 'one size fits all'.

Developing a Joined up Approach

We’ll work with you to create strong financial processes, embed a commercial approach and ensure that everything is aligned with housing, back office and development services, rather than working in silos.


It is crucial that staff throughout the organisation buy-in to changes. We work with your teams at every level to prepare them, reassure them, coach and train them to foster a true performance culture.

Processes & IT

It is vital that your systems can support your delivery model. We can help you take a step back and look at how well your processes and IT really work and are implemented to fully support you.

Procurement & Supply Chain

This isn’t a traditional approach to the procurement process. We will encourage you to think differently about purchasing and service design, creating something that works specifically for your footprint.

Performance Management

Are you capturing the right data to get a handle on how your service is performing? We are specialists in gathering and interpreting data to really understand and improve the way you manage your performance.

Most of all, we do this with you, not to you. We help implement the recommendations not just prepare a report. Many of our services are results based and most clients save a huge 30% off their repairs bill.