Gateshead Housing Company – saving 20% in capital programmes

The Gateshead Housing Company was two years into a five year contract on its capital works programme with multiple partnering contractors, achieving delivery targets and excellent customer satisfaction.

However, they were unsure whether they were realising value for money (VFM) from the programme and whether they had achieved the right balance for their tenants between cost and quality.

Vantage were commissioned to review the existing contracts, help redesign the supply chain and engage with customers and staff.  Vantage helped deliver an improved accelerated delivery programme, at a significantly lower cost with increased customer satisfaction.

Vantage helped the organisation to save over 20% on the capital programme.

“Like many organisations we wanted to ensure we were getting maximum value for money from our capital investment programme. Eighteen months later, what has been achieved is very impressive. We are pleased with both the process and the outcome. Vantage have delivered significant savings and contributed positively to our Business Plan objectives.”
Jon Mallen-Beadle Managing Director The Gateshead Housing Company

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