Social Housing

We are extremely passionate about helping social housing to become more efficient and cost effective in delivering its services.

Since 1999 we have been helping RPs to improve value for money by enabling them to implement change.

The key areas where we have delivered significant savings are:

  1. Strategic guidance and support including alternative delivery models
  1. Operational efficiency
  1. Procurement and supply chain

Our services range from providing concise reviews through to supporting major transformation projects.

Over the past 5 years over 90% of our time has been spent on implementation (not in producing glossy reports that sit on a shelf). This has allowed to us to:

  1. Quickly identify root causes and where performance can improve
  2. Ensure that any recommendations that we make are actually achievable and right for you and your circumstances
  3. Help you speed up the decision making process
  4. Provide you with the insight and guidance to ensure that you achieve your desired targets

The average saving that we have helped RPs to deliver is over 20%.

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