Repairs and Maintenance Options Appraisal

Is your current delivery model providing value for money?
Do you know the options available to you?
Never mind what others are doing, what’s the right delivery model for you?

Many housing providers can realise major cost savings through making improvements to how they deliver repairs and maintenance services.  Whether its setting up an internal service, or managing existing external contractors better, Vantage can help you analyse the best option for you.

The scope of this review is to identify the delivery options available to you and recommend the most suitable options for consideration based on evidence and experience.

We’ll ask you for standard operational information on costs, volume of repairs, service plans etc. We will then spend time with you on site to understand your key objectives and operational delivery models and dig into the detail. Using our tried and tested methodology we analyse the information and provide our assessment and recommendations on how you should proceed.

What you will get 

  • A detailed report and a consultation meeting to feedback our findings and recommendations
  • A detailed evaluation of your current delivery model including soft market testing
  • An assessment of budgets and resources available to support your next steps
  • Our recommendations for the most suitable option for further consideration
  • The insights and information you need to make the strategic next step

To discuss your Repairs and Maintenance Options Appraisal, please complete our contact form or call Vantage on 0151 342 5989 today.

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