Empty Homes Assessment

We have been delivering Empty Homes reviews and implementation projects for the last 15 years within social housing.

It is an area that continues to provide a major challenge to Registered Housing Providers, especially given links to the wider political and legal agendas. It is also the service area that seems to cross internal functions more than any other, which can provide internal accountability issues.

We think that often a new type of thinking is needed to achieve a breakthrough. Through our concise review we can very quickly establish whether it is a tweak that you need or a change in approach.

Some of the key considerations include:

  • There is full visibility of the total number of empty properties week on week, without EXCLUSIONS?
  • Housing registration process identifies potentially suitable applicants as quickly and effectively as possible?
  • Local housing policy helps and not hinders the process?
  • You understand why the tenancy is ending and you couldn’t have prevented it through management intervention?
  • The re-let process is truly DEMAND LED?
  • You are controlling which voids go into the ‘production process’; would a production company manufacture something that they weren’t sure they could sell?
  • Your performance indicators are cross functional – not dysfunctional!
  • Handing in of keys by the former tenant is not delaying the opportunity for inspection?
  • The team structure is right – does it incorporate an appropriate level of PR/marketing skills to deal with the demand challenges?
  • IT and system reporting is robust and targets the appropriate level of operational management?
  • There is a deep understanding of the full process?

If you have answered No to any of the above then we may be able to give you some support.

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