Cost Reduction Programmes – Major and Planned Works

Whether your service is delivered in-house, contracted externally or a combination of both, we have helped Registered Housing Providers to save millions on their planned maintenance capital programmes by providing them with the insight and commercial experience to improve.

We can provide an independent review of your maintenance spend by benchmarking existing financial and service performance against the best in class. We will identify options to improve performance and identify areas for savings.

We will then help you to take control of your spend by working alongside your management team to re-design your delivery model, use improved procurement systems and adopt a leading contract management approach to realise and sustain the savings opportunities.

We also helped a number of Registered Housing Providers either set up or improve internal maintenance team delivery of planned maintenance works.

Our Services include:

  • External Contractors Forensic Audits
  • Lean Cost Reduction Programmes
  • Component Value Engineering
  • Commercial Negotiation Support
  • Open book and Target Costing
  • Business Process Re-design
  • Procurement and Implementation of Supply Chain Models
  • Productivity Optimisation
  • Performance Scorecards

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