Repairs & maintenance service transformations

The Vantage team specialises in successfully transforming and creating in-house maintenance services across the Social Housing Sector.

In our experience organisations have either grappled for some time with getting the most out of their in-house maintenance service or simply have a service which needs taking to the next level.

We believe that a relentless pursuit of excellence is required to truly get the best out of your internal maintenance service.

A key question is whether you have the capability internally to make a step change. A ‘look in the mirror’ can often help.

We are very passionate about using our experience to help you:

  • Become commercial AND customer focused
  • Understand the root causes of why you are not where you want to be
  • Establish an improvement plan which is fit for purpose (critical to differentiate the need for transformation plan versus a continuous improvement plan)
  • Identify ambitious and achievable cost reduction targets
  • Get the right people in the right roles (who can ensure sustainable change is achieved)
  • Get the best out of your IT solutions (often includes removal of the ‘blame IT’ culture)
  • Changing the way that you think about managing performance
  • Source and achieve the best supply chain solution

We have worked with organisations to help them deliver both commercial client-contractor models and lean models with no client function.

Can we help you?