Repairs & Maintenance Delivery models – options appraisal

We have worked with a broad cross section of Registered Housing Providers who have demonstrated almost every variation of delivery model.

The questions that we get asked the most include:

  1. Have we got the right mix between internal and external delivery?
  2. Should we keep our internal maintenance service?
  3. Should we consider setting up an internal maintenance service?
  4. What are the options available in setting up an internal maintenance service?
  5. What legal structures do we need to consider and how can we be innovative?
  6. Do we need to run a client contractor relationship to be commercial?

In our experience the best model will be very much dependant on your circumstances. This is why there is no generic model which consistently delivers success.

We have worked with organisations to help them deliver both commercial client-contractor models and lean models with no client function.

Instead of completing a generic options appraisal we can help you to complete this crucial exercise, taking on board your strategic objectives, scale, organisational culture and demographic circumstances.

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