Repairs & Maintenance Strategic assessments

Did you know that a high percentage of cost reduction programmes fail to achieve their targets?

We have never experienced a period where so many Registered Hosing Providers are taking a step back and considering whether they have the right strategy for Repairs & Maintenance in order to make a big step forward.

Some common findings that we have seen include:

  1. Taking a ‘slash and burn’ approach to Repairs & Maintenance savings targets
  2. An assumption that new strategies and major cost reduction can be made by minor tweaks.
  3. Determining the Repairs & Maintenance organisational structures before agreeing what the delivery models look like
  4. A belief that the skills to manage an outsourced service are the same as managing an internal maintenance service
  5. A failure to link strategies or objectives with the underpinning performance management framework
  6. An assumption that setting up an in-house team will guarantee VAT and contractor profit savings
  7. Failing to think outside the box regarding strategic options

Gaining confidence that your strategy for Repairs & Maintenance is achievable and is aligned with your organisational culture, infrastructure and implementation plans is ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL if you want to mitigate the risks of an unachievable target.

We have worked with a broad cross section of organisations to help them shape or help them review their Repairs & Maintenance strategies; considering everything from client-contractor arrangements, in-house versus external models and ensuring that the ‘plans written at a desk’ can be translated into real life delivery.

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