Empty Property Review

Is your rent loss spiralling out of control?
Is your void process fragmented and lacking accountability?
Have you adopted the blame culture in voids management?

It is an area that continues to provide a major challenge to the housing sector, especially given links to the wider political and legal agendas. It is also the service area that crosses internal functions more than any other, which can provide internal accountability issues.  Through our concise review we can quickly establish whether it is a tweak that you need or a change in approach and provide you with a fresh perspective that can rapidly remedy the problems.

The scope of this review covers empty homes client management, including a cost and performance assessment.

We’ll ask you for standard operational information on costs, volume of repairs, service plans etc. We will then spend a period of time on site with you, review your operational delivery models and dig into the detail. Using our tried and tested methodology we analyse the information and provide our assessment and feedback on how you’re doing against industry standards.

What you will get 

  • A detailed report and a consultation meeting to feedback our findings and recommendations
  • High level review of your current empty property costs and performance, including turnaround times and rent loss
  • Feedback on your general approach to performance management
  • Feedback and recommendations for improving your approach to interdepartmental working
  • An assessment of and suggestions to improve your void strategy
  • An assessment of your use and application of IT systems
  • The insights and information you need to make the strategic next step

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