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See what some of our clients have to say

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See what some of our clients have to say

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“The PI Club truly puts its members in charge of the agenda and has an organic feel to it. We get real insight into relevant business issues from people who have been involved at the sharp end of major business change projects. This moves the debate on from the theoretical to the practical, and we can all learn from each other.”

Simon Hatchman, Executive Director of Finance, PA Housing

“This is what the sector has been needing for years.”

Phil Elvy, Executive Finance Director, Great Places Housing Group

“We share and discuss performance information with our peers to identify where management efforts should be focused. The club listens to its members to produce the information we need to influence the future direction of our business.”

Glenn Harris MBE, Chief Executive, Midland Heart

“If you are thinking of joining the PI Club, my advice would be, to work out exactly what it is you think you need and then chat to Vantage. My experience tells me that they will deliver.”

Guy Millichamp, Director of Finance at Yorkshire Housing

“Before we joined the PI Club I don’t think we had ever really used benchmarking properly. Up to that point we carried out reviews but often failed to act on the information. Membership of the PI Club helped us use benchmarking as a can-opener to look at why we had been doing things one way and make changes where necessary.”

Steve Wood, Finance Director, Onward Homes