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The Vantage Improvement Club helps members run their social housing businesses by providing relevant and easy to access business intelligence.

Vantage has developed a membership club that helps strategic finance and improvement leaders drive business performance and VFM.  The club provides a supportive forum for social housing Directors to share best practice and talk openly about key sector challenges.

Using a number of key metrics we baseline member’s performance and track their progress and improvement. In this way the Club help’s its members make better strategic decisions and generate financial savings.

Our members include Directors from some of the UK’s leading Housing Associations.  Now in its 5th year, feedback has been excellent, resulting in 90% renewing their membership annually.

Download the member benefits leaflet by clicking here.

Our Aims

Share timely strategic and relevant operational performance information by September

Provide a supportive forum of like-minded peers and access to sector experts to discuss best practice

Achieve genuine performance improvement

Deliver and exceed regulators requirements

Provide analytical insights and tailored VFM peer reports

Provide rapid access to forward looking information for business planning purposes

Membership Benefits

Members Include

“The PI Club truly puts its members in charge of the agenda and has an organic feel to it. We get real insight into relevant business issues from people who have been involved at the sharp end of major business change projects. This moves the debate on from the theoretical to the practical, and we can all learn from each other.”

Simon Hatchman

Executive Director of Finance, PA Housing

“The PI Club provides a great forum to share ideas and learn from each other. A real benefit is the size of the group which allows for greater discussion and understanding of the operational issues that have contributed to the performance, which provides much greater insight than simply a discussion about the data in isolation.”

Anita Wright 

Head of Data and Performance, Onward Homes

“We share and discuss performance information with our peers to identify where management efforts should be focused. The club listens to its members to produce the information we need to influence the future direction of our business.”

Glen Harris MBE

Executive Director of Corporate Resources, Midland Heart

“Before we joined the PI Club I don’t think we had ever really used benchmarking properly. Up to that point we carried out reviews but often failed to act on the information. Membership of the PI Club helped us use benchmarking as a can-opener to look at why we had been doing things one way and make changes where necessary.”

Steve Wood

Finance Director, Onward Homes

“If you are thinking of joining the PI Club, my advice would be, to work out exactly what it is you think you need and then chat to Vantage. My experience tells me that they will deliver.”

Guy Millichamp

Director of Finance at Yorkshire Housing

“This is what the sector has been needing for years.”

Phil Elvy

Executive Finance Director, Great Places Housing Group

“The information that we obtained through the PI club provided us with some valuable insight into the costs we were paying for our Kitchen and Bathroom replacement programmes, which in turn helped to set some clear expectations of the results we should be seeing as a result of a re-procurement exercise.

Without this intelligence we might have been content with cost savings of c5-10%, but the PI benchmarking data identified that costs savings of c20% should be achievable, and the eventual outcome of the re-procurement  was in line with those more informed expectations.”

Phil Elvy

Executive Director Finance, Great Places Housing Group

Member Spotlights: Insights from our PI Club Members

PI Club Member Spotlight: Gail Teasdale, Accent Group

PI Club Member Spotlight: Gail Teasdale, Accent Group

In the first of our spotlight series, we spoke to Gail Teasdale Executive Director, Finance and Corporate Services at the Accent Group to discuss the sector challenges and how the PI club benefits her. What do you think are the key challenges for the sector? There is...

Global Accounts Plus (GAP)

Members have access to our online financial accounts comparison tool. This includes the the top 150 financial accounts for the last 5 years from the top Registered Providers and 40 ALMOS in England and Wales. We release this annual data and business intelligence 4 months before Homes England Global Accounts, ensuring members have all the necessary information when it matters.

This interactive web-based tool allows for data interrogation and reporting across a range of different business segments, enabling members to make true financial comparisons with peer organisations in the areas in which they are most interested. Members can create their own online dashboard of reports by region, peer group, unit size or other criteria.

Strategic KPI’s including the latest VFM Metrics

We collect and publish relevant data against the agreed standard suite of KPIs. This data set is collected quarterly and updated immediately.  This means that fresh data is going live constantly, giving senior directors up-to-the-minute information.

Using our online tool, we are able to provide a comprehensive suite of reports enabling real time data comparison. Sector insight reports are also available on request. Each member of the PI club receives a tailored financial report, produced by Vantage.

The Performance Improvement Community

As part of the PI Club you will become part of our active online community using Zoho Connect.  This online platform enables members to share information, discuss ideas and learn from best practice. This peer to peer learning has proved incredibly helpful and has led to customer benefits and significant cost savings for member organisations.

In addition to the online community platform, we also meet regularly. We host workshops several times a year. Workshop performance themes are driven by club members and thought leaders are brought in from inside and outside the sector. 

Workshops to date have included:

Digital & Software Applications

Annual Sector Trends & Performance

Robotic Process Automation and AI

Development Build Costs

Driving Down Maintenance Costs

Register Your Interest Today

Leave us your details if you are interested in joining the PI Club. We’ll add you to the mailing list too, so you will be sent any updates on the PI Club and Performance Improvement for RPs, as well as invitations to some of our exclusive PI Club events.

Our membership fees are competitively priced and include a three-month trial period within your first years’ membership. Our fees are based on one price for the Housing Group and are not dependent upon the number of housing units or the number of subsidiaries within the group.