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Tailored Financial Reporting FY18/19

We will produce your tailored financial analysis based on FY18/19 accounts from across the sector.  We will intelligently select peers to compare your RP against and examine your performance.  You will be able to see where you compare against this peer group and the sector as a whole, including your performance against the latest VFM Metrics. 

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Key Features & Benefits


Access to your tailored financial report will be available from October 1st, enabling you to use the information to shape and inform your budgets for the following financial year


You can select peers based on region, size and stock make-up, giving you a much more relevant picture of performance compared to your peers.

Take Stock

Perfect for post merger housing providers, or to check your progress against your corporate targets. 


Presenting Back

We will present the results of the report to your executive team or board and facilitate insightful discussion on your performance. 

What Our Customers Say

“Following our group consolidation we will be using the outputs from the report to look in greater detail at our cost base to identify opportunities for efficiency savings in the future.”

Rob Griffiths

Deputy Chief Executive & Chief Financial Officer, Longhurst Group

“Gaining access to data is always problematic and time consuming but Vantage were able to turn this around in a matter of days.”

Caroline Dykes

Finance Director, Rooftop Housing Group

“Following the amalgamation, we did not have a baseline to use prior, so we asked Vantage to review our costs and baseline us. They presented the results to our Board as part of our strategic away day. This has helped us understand where we are now and identify our targets as part of our new VFM strategy.”

Mona Shah

Executive Director of Finance and Information, Grand Union