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Consultancy to Deliver Sustainable Change

Vantage work with social housing providers to help them deliver sustainable change

Helping executive & operational teams come together to focus on the projects and activities that create the biggest changes in margin, customer experience and organisational performance.


We are leaders in Strategic Performance Improvement, working across areas including Repairs & Maintenance and Organisational Design & Transformation.  We help leaders focus their attention on activities that will have the greatest impact on achieving their strategic goals. 

Working collaboratively with executive teams, we get under the hood of a business to understand their value drivers and barriers to change. Using our analytical insight, we help clients to implement change in those areas that really matter, helping them to improve the customer experience and increase their financial strength. This allows clients to improve existing homes and build new ones.   

We use leading edge tools and techniques, often seen in other sectors to help our clients understand the ‘art of the possible’ and provide a clear roadmap to help them get there.  We work in an innovative way, using Robotic Process Automation to improve the customer experience and unlock staff time.

We work with leading social housing providers including Stonewater, Karbon, PA Housing, Muir Group, Midland Heart, Torus, Pobl, Newlon and Yorkshire Housing.

Our focus is on helping make changes that will stick, leading to sustainable financial and operational improvements.


Break the cycle of endless reviews with no impact.

Strategic Performance Improvement for Social Housing

We work with our clients to deliver change programmes that achieve large sustainable cost reductions. On average we save our clients 26.9% and we can do the same for you at no risk.

Most of all, we do this with you, not to you. We can help implement the recommendations not just prepare a report. Many of our services are results based and most clients save a huge 30% off their budgets.