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As ever, attending the annual CIH Conference marks an important event in the calendar for Housing Providers. The CIH conference brings together Housing Providers and also those associated with the housing sector and so it’s a great opportunity to gauge the current state of the market, what’s hot and where priorities lie.

Speaking to finance directors there were a number of common themes including satisfying the new HCA in-depth assessment with an increased focus on Value for Money and the need to become more strategic in the review and management of costs. Given the merger activity within the sector this was also a hot topic given the fundamental challenge of realising cashable savings and true customer value.

Asset and Property Services Directors are under more pressure than ever to balance cost saving with the need to deliver a high quality service. Finding the right repairs and maintenance model is central to finding the right balance. Also, a re-focus on more innovative asset management to optimise housing stock was also a key topic and we’ll continue to see more change in this area over the coming months.

Here at Vantage we feel that the speed of change is more prevalent now than it has been over the past 16 years of working in the sector. Further consolidation, the need to save money whilst building new houses and the different operating models all make the coming year more challenging and at the same time more exciting than ever.

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