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West Kent HA Perceptions Survey

In advance of the workshops on Thursday 16th January, please complete this 5 minute questionnaire which will help to shape the agenda and discussion.

The deadline for returns is Wednesday 15th January.

How would you rate your organisation out of 5 in the following categories.

1 = poor
2 = below average
3 = average
4 = above average
5 = excellent

West Kent HA Perceptions Survey

  • 1. Setting out and communicating your strategic objectives

  • 2. Aligning your change programmes with strategic objectives

  • 3. Prioritising the underpinning change initiatives and programmes; managing overload

  • 4. Defining the specific TANGIBLE benefits and outcomes that you are seeking to achieve from those change initiatives

  • 5. Tracking and evidencing the benefits and outcomes

  • 6. Changing course based on the evidence being received

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