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Step 4 – Performance Management

In the fourth and final installment of our vital ingredients is Performance Management.

A successful internal repairs and maintenance service is truly cross functional and should benefit all areas of the business.  When considering options for service delivery, we believe it represents an ideal opportunity to review all elements of service delivery, and a brilliant chance to engage your tenants and to agree what the service standards should be.  You can redefine how you work, benefiting from seeing what others are doing and what best practice looks like.  Take time to review how change will impact on each of these key ingredients and you can embed sustainable change and a successful internal R&M service.

Performance management:

  • In order to measure the success of the service and make informed decisions for planning, you need to excel at gathering business intelligence. Ask yourself, are you capturing the right data to get a handle on how the service is performing?
  • Being able to monitor practical tasks such as the volume of repairs, the cost per repair, the number of repairs per operative and the cases of no access appointments will empower you to make changes. For example, would the introduction of IT SMS reminders help reduce no access appointments?  Consider the impact this type of data have on improving your service.
  • For any externally contracted services, are you still using traditional metrics to assess performance? Don’t be afraid to drill down to the detail, and once you have useful data, make sure you have the skills to interpret it effectively.
  • Finally, there must be clear accountability for the gathering and interpreting of the data, along with buy in from the front line through to the executive team to get confidence in the service.

Brought to you by Vantage Business Solutions.  Vantage have supported a range of housing providers in reviewing their options and helping them to implement the best model for them via ready-made blue prints and tried and tested tools for success.