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State of the Sector Analysis FY22/23

Presenting the definitive headline financial results from the Vantage Global Accounts Plus analysis

Social Housing Lettings

Social Housing Lettings made up 73% of the total turnover and is broken down as follows:


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“The Vantage state of the sector data gives me exactly what I need to help understand the context in which I’m operating. The information allows me to put into perspective what’s happening at my own association, how we are responding to the challenges and what else we need to be thinking about doing. The breadth of data, the objectivity and quality make it an invaluable resource and the report is the one I use with my own Board when we are looking at strategy.”

Gavin Cansfield, Chief Executive, settlegroup.org.uk

Operating Margin

We have analysed overall operating margin for FY22/23 and compared to FY20/21. Our analysis shows the overall operating margin was £4.79BN for FY22/23, a 6.8% decrease on FY21/22.

Repairs and Maintenance Costs

Overall Repairs and Maintenance Costs (including capitalised costs) were £6.80BN in FY22/23 compared to £5.76BN in FY21/22, a 18.1% increase. There was a 23% increase in capitalised components expenditure driven by larger asset investment programmes.

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“The state of the sector report has allowed us to quickly understand where other RP’s in our industry are heading and identify emerging trends on a regional and national level. Using sector specific data points it allows us to make more effective decisions from a trusted source and assess progress against our corporate strategy.”

Paul Wright, Finance Director, Gentoo Group