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For the second year running, we have captured the financial state of the social housing sector for the Top 130 RPs providing unprecedented insight into the sector’s financial performance for FY17/18. This year’s improved and enhanced report will allow you to compare the FY16/17 data, and in some cases FY15/16, to this years results, helping demonstrate trends, as well as identifying improvement and growth across the sector.

The report, which was very well received last year, was produced in response to a demand for timely insight and analysis of the Global Accounts data.

Analysing the data to show trends and comparisons, the report gives financial performance of RPs by region, size and across tenure type. Don’t miss the chance to see how your organisation’s financial performance compares to others.

We share with you the insights we have gained from examining some of the biggest financial levers that underpin the sector’s financial performance, including repairs and maintenance, major repairs costs per unit and the new RSH VFM metrics.

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