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FLP Cohort 4 Feedback

As a member of the Future Leaders Programme, we would welcome your feedback at this mid-point.  This should only take a few minutes of your time.  Please complete as applicable, if you would like to continue these discussions, please email us at info@yourvantage.co.uk or contact one of the team directly.  Thank you for your valuable input.

FLP C4 Feedback Form

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  • 1. Name & Organisation

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  • 2. Overall, is the programme meeting your expectation in terms of range of content and levels?

    Please share your comments based on workshops so far.
  • 3. What have you most enjoyed / benefited from so far?

    Have there been any key topics or speakers you really enjoyed or benefited from?
  • 4. Is there anything you would like us to include more, or cover?

    N.B. The following sessions cover delivering change programmes, procurement & contract management, using data & technology to drive service innovation and using data wisely to measure success.
  • 4. Would you be interested in attending a face to face session in addition to the seven sessions scheduled?

    Please comment below.