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Implementing Robotic Process Automation in Social Housing

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Implementing Robotics Process Automation in Social Housing

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is evolving as the new go-to tool in the bid to improve customer experience and unlock staff time.

RPA is where you automate business tasks using software “robots” that imitate the operations and processes traditionally performed by people. It’s particularly suited to high volume activities in an organisation, that don’t require human decision making or qualitative appraisal thinking.  The software robots mimic the tasks completed by humans using existing systems and applications in your organisation.  They have the ability to interpret, trigger responses and communicate with systems. 

RPA is ideally suited to the social housing sector, particularly in business areas such as asset management, finance, HR and contact centres.  The advice is to start by identifying well defined, simple, high volume, repeatable processes for automation.  For example, accounts reconciliation, payroll and accounts payable are all tasks that can be automated.  It is being implemented with great success in property management functions in areas such as asset management, facilities management, repairs, servicing and maintenance.  

The Benefits of RPA 

Improved accuracy, reduced data entry errors and a shorter processing time.

Creating a happier workforce with staff focused on improving the customer experience and completing higher value tasks

The automation process can be running 24/7 or triggered once when human intervention has occurred.

Improved customer experience by eliminating duplication of processes and requests for information

A new approach to efficiency and savings in everyday tasks

“The use of RPA will provide a new approach to efficiency and savings in everyday tasks allowing staff to concentrate on the overall customer experience.” Russell Thompson FCIOB


Executive Director of Property Services, Thirteen Group

“As the sector continues on its journey of transformation and innovation, technologies such as these will become even more central in the future to how we operate as businesses and crucially provide services to our customers and allow them to interact with us.”

David Bolton

Director of Property Services, Yorkshire Housing


“What is particularly appealing with this technology is the ability to hit the ground running at a fairly low cost and see it in action before making further investment or committing to any roll out plan.”

Rob Bryan

Operations Director, Vantage