Transforming NHS financial performance:

Vantage Business Solutions works with NHS Trusts to help them transform their financial performance. Our mission is to help improve patient care by releasing cash for re-investment in front-line services. We release this cash through driving sustainable cost reductions across all procurement and reducing inventory levels.

Our company built its reputation working both in the private and public sectors – during the last five years we have achieved in excess of £75 million of savings for our clients.

In the last few years we have now transferred our expertise to the NHS where organisations are faced with having to react faster than ever to make much deeper financial savings.

The pressures facing NHS decision-makers are likely to be intensified with the findings of the Carter Review, the growing economic challenges facing the sector as well as wider regulatory requirements such as GS1 and Peppol.

What We Do:

We work with NHS Trusts to help them achieve largescale and sustainable cost reduction across:

Procurement/supply chain for all areas of non-pay expenditure including:

  1. Medical supplies (stock and non-stock) across all healthcare areas;
  2. Non-medical supplies;
  3. Estates, cleaning services, waste etc.;
  4. Energy and Utilities;
  5. Agency Nursing.

Our Approach:

Typically, Vantage has a three-stage approach to our work – REVIEW, CHANGE, ACHIEVE.

We will not produce a report which will sit on a shelf. We work with Trusts to implement the recommendations and support you (for a three year period) in ensuring that what we recommend and implement is sustainable.

As a large Trust Chief Executive stated – “diagnosing the problem is the easy bit. Getting solutions to stick is much, much harder.”

This approach can be tailored to suit the specific needs of an organisation. For example, if an NHS Trust has already identified the financial issue/s it faces, we will put the focus on Change and Achieve.

While the overarching objective of our services is to deliver financial cashable gains, our approach rigorously considers quality and the importance of clinical acceptance. Indeed without clinical and cross functional buy-in we have seen the majority of cost reduction programmes fail.

Our approach ensures that we provide a solution to support you in the strategic, tactical and operational change requirements. Our experience tells us that unless there is sponsorship from the top down and change from the bottom up, organisations will not achieve the sustainable stepped change that they often require.

Our proven techniques allow us to make significant financial savings without compromising the quality of clinical or patient care.

This is fundamental in demonstrating Value for Money (VFM) across the NHS and in meeting the requirements of the Carter Review.

5 reasons to partner with Vantage:

  • Robust approach which is data driven and fully evidenced and quantified;
  • Financial transformation expertise;
  • External independence;
  • Speed of change;
  • Emphasis on coaching your teams and providing knowledge transfer;
  • Larger and deeper savings.

Our unique fee charging structure

This ensures that clients only pay an agreed percentage of actual savings – unlike fixed fee consultants whose fees could be substantial with no guarantee of success.

We are the only firm in our sector that offers this level of risk / reward meaning that your NHS project is totally self-funding.

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