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The Strategic Operations Directors Forum provides a safe space for Directors in Housing, Operations, Transformation and Customer Experience to learn and share information as a group.

Time and time again colleagues across the sector tell us they wanted a space to have more frank and honest discussions, to share experiences. Sector specific conferences tend to only cover the highlights, the success stories. This is a forum where open conversation is encouraged, a group where information is shared. Following extensive feedback from Operations Directors, we developed the Strategic Operations Forum to create a strong peer learning network.

Our members include Directors from some of the UK’s leading Housing Associations.  The membership grows organically, and the topics are member driven, shaped around the changing needs of the group.  We encourage members with a particular interest in a topic or relevant experience lead a session, or specify speakers to invite along.

Our Aims

Bring together like minded Senior Directors for collaboration and discussion

Share strategic information and best practice including real examples of successes and failures

Physically meet three times per year and supported by an online forum

Share experiences and metrics for success

Focus on cross-cutting themes and hot topics for the sector

Register Your Interest Today

The Operations Directors Forum is open to Directors across Housing, Operations and Customer Experience. Leave us your details if you are interested in joining. We’ll add you to the mailing list too, so you will be sent any updates and news stories on the Forum, including invitations to our events.