Savings Assessment

Our Savings Assessment analyses your Repairs & Maintenance expenditure and generates a template of realistic and sustainable savings opportunities based on our experience of Repairs & Maintenance delivery.

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Our previous assignments have often shown that organisations are often too prudent with their savings targets so a second opinion is often valued.

We help organisations to shape and set targets that we deem to be the best in the Housing sector which includes rates delivered by a mixture of in-house maintenance teams and external contractors.

What will you get?

  • High level review of your current repairs and maintenance costs; focusing on the key areas of expenditure
  • Initial assessment of whether you are achieving overall competitive rates via your internal maintenance service and/or from your external contractors
  • Feedback on the underlying mechanisms behind your R&M financial performance
  • An assessment of your existing savings targets

What do you need to do?

  • Attend some interviews
  • Collate and send us your existing financial reports and cost schedules
  • Attend a feedback workshop


Typical outputs may include:


HLC Graph




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