Value for Money reviews & support

Vantage Business Solutions is the market leader in Value for Money and has been at the forefront of developing new approaches to VFM in the Housing Sector over the last ten years.

From running VFM masterclasses for the Audit Commission, advising the Wales Audit Office, through to running our own VFM seminars, we are proud to be involved in developing awareness and education across the sector.

We provide a wide range of leading edge Value for Money (VFM) consultancy services to help housing organisations understand, improve and embed VFM.

In our experience VFM self-assessment is still in its infancy in the sector and we have helped organisations to radically re-shape the way that these returns are completed.

It is our belief that self-assessments should virtually ‘fall out’ from your performance management framework so that performance improvement and quantification of that improvement are built into people’s day-to-day roles.

Our Services Include:

• VFM Reviews

• VFM Statement and Regulatory Compliance

• VFM Strategy and Implementation Plans

• VFM Education and Training Programmes

• Customer Involvement VFM Training

• Identification of VFM Performance Metrics

• Design and implementation of VFM financial models

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