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Orbit Group Energy Efficiency Questionnaire

As part of the Strategic Assets and R&M Forum, Orbit Group are undertaking a sector wide survey on energy efficiency strategies in a bid to work collaboratively with other RPs.

If you would like to continue these discussions, please provide details of the person within your organisation to contact.

Orbit Group Energy Efficiency Questionnaire

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Step 1 of 4 - Strategy and Programming

  • 1. Progress

    1. What progress has your organisation made towards developing an Energy Efficiency Strategy to achieve “Net Zero Carbon” by 2050 and “Affordable Warmth” targets by 2030?
  • Exceeding Targets

    2. If you are aiming to exceed these targets, what targets are you aiming to achieve and what is the reason for the changes to the above targets?
  • Approach

    3. One of our key areas for programming is the transition from gas to non fossil fuel powered heating. Especially, at which point should this be done and what are the benefits of interim measures such as Hybrid or Hydrogen boilers. Has your organisation considered this and decided on an approach?