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Step 1 – People

The first key ingredient in a successful DLO is its people.  A successful internal repairs and maintenance service is truly cross functional and should benefit all areas of the business.  When considering options for service delivery, we believe it represents an ideal opportunity to review all elements of service delivery, and a brilliant chance to engage your tenants and to agree what the service standards should be.  You can redefine how you work, benefiting from seeing what others are doing and what best practise looks like.  Take time to review how change will impact on each of these key ingredients and you can embed sustainable change and a successful internal R&M service.


  • How will your staff, across the whole organisation react to change? Do they have the right mind-set, skills and experience to embrace change?  It’s key to involve them in the process and to equip them with the right skills.
  • Remember that the external contract management approach is not always the best fit for managing an internal service – establish the right organisational structure and alignment with assets and support services.
  • Engage in some high quality coaching and mentoring to support key staff to ensure your changes are sustainable long after the changes have been made.
  • Consider what TUPE requirements you will need along with any human resources support on staff contracts, terms and conditions.

Brought to you by Vantage Business Solutions.  Vantage have supported a range of housing providers in reviewing their options and helping them to implement the best model for them via ready-made blue prints and tried and tested tools for success.