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The fourth cohort of our commercial programme for Future Social Housing Leaders started this spring, as 23 assets and housing leaders joined the latest wave of the programme.  The focus of the first workshop was broadening financial horizons, and we were privileged to have David Smith, Executive Director of Resources at Broadacres Housing Association, share insights on making tough financial decisions and what it takes to be an effective Executive Director.

Commercial Lenses & Risk Management  

Throughout the session, the group delved into a deeper understanding of the financial and commercial lenses of their Executive Team, Board, and the RSH (Regulator of Social Housing). Additionally, discussions revolved around wider sector financial trends and risks, exploring how these factors impact their roles.

Participants also explored strategies for managing board/regulator requirements and considered various approaches to risk management. Furthermore, they discussed the importance of broadening the sources used to understand sector risks, issues, and opportunities.

Empowering Future Leaders

So far, our Future Leaders Programme has empowered over 80 leaders, driving up commercial acumen and strategic awareness within key areas such as Assets and Repairs, Housing Services, and Corporate Services. This initiative is instrumental in equipping leaders to effectively navigate the challenges confronting the sector.  Since the programme commenced, the feedback from housing providers internal sponsors has been overwhelming positive with participants forging relationships with their executive leads, as well as a number of participants gaining promotional positions.

“This training and skills programme is ideal for managers and heads of service looking to step up to support senior teams deliver and become future leaders.  At a time when the sector is under increasing pressure to perform, we must drive up commercial acumen and strategic awareness of mid-level managers to tackle the current challenges.  I was delighted to meet with the group to share learning and turn the spotlight on risk & stakeholder management, building business cases and working with your finance team to add greater value.”

David Smith, Executive Director of Resources, Broadacres Housing Association.

To apply for the next cohort of the Future Leaders Programme, register your interest via https://yourvantage.co.uk/future-leaders/