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Step 2 – Processes/IT

In the second installment of our vital ingredients is Processes / IT.

A successful internal repairs and maintenance service is truly cross functional and should benefit all areas of the business.  When considering options for service delivery, we believe it represents an ideal opportunity to review all elements of service delivery, and a brilliant chance to engage your tenants and to agree what the service standards should be.  You can redefine how you work, benefiting from seeing what others are doing and what best practise looks like.  Take time to review how change will impact on each of these key ingredients and you can embed sustainable change and a successful internal R&M service.

  • Do you have the processes mapped out to deliver the service? If not, consider how they will have to align with existing functions such as customer services centre.
  • Consider how your existing IT services will support your delivery model – if you need to buy new technology, then define the specification and how it will work for you.
  • Incorporate the digital offerings and align with digital strategy – how practical is it for customers to raise their repairs requirements online? What impact will digital technologies have for your operatives to have jobs scheduled in a more intelligent way and for them to complete “paperwork” which can then plug straight into KPI dashboards?  Think big! Blue sky what you would love to achieve and how it can help you make better business decisions.
  • Use the opportunity to show your staff how their role and remit impacts on others – join up the processes so the customer experience is seamless.

Brought to you by Vantage Business Solutions.  Vantage have supported a range of housing providers in reviewing their options and helping them to implement the best model for them via ready-made blue prints and tried and tested tools for success.