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For the first time in the sector we have number of providers taking part in a comprehensive and in-depth study of development build costs and development appraisal assumptions.  We will explore the barriers and solutions to building those vitally needed new homes.

We aim to show comparative build cost insights across the sector and by region and tenure type.  If you would you like to join the study, we will share the template with you and the results will be published in September.

To request the development cost study template, please click here, or email via info@yourvantage.co.uk

The deadline for organisations joining and submitting the information is 20th July.

The exercise is being driven by the Vantage Performance Improvement Club members, 25 heavy weight RPs who represent a combined total of 500,000 stock and we want to give non-members the opportunity take part.  We are setting a challenge to the sector to see how much they could save by encouraging RPs to be transparent, to actively seek out best practice and to help facilitate excellence through knowledge sharing.