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The increasing number of Registered Housing Providers which have either merged or created various group structures has meant we have been increasingly asked by groups to help them realise the benefits of joining forces. Our Operations Director Rob Bryan investigates how to make a merger a success:

There are often significant cost savings from such strategic moves; however actually achieving them can be a challenging journey. In our experience, many groups are still struggling to truly get the full financial and operational benefits out of their new structure.

Our experience in helping blue chip private sector organisations to increase value from both takeovers and mergers, together with our track record in housing, has meant we are uniquely placed to support Registered Housing Providers deliver real and sustainable savings from merger organisations/services.

Key considerations include:

  • How do we get the best out of each of the models within the current set up?
  • Can we create a single operating model and still maintain our local brand and offering?
  • What areas do we centralise and what areas suit a devolved service model?
  • How do we align cultures and infrastructure when there are some marked differences between organisations?
  • How do we optimise our group structure, especially if we have multiple delivery models?

Given that many organisations are looking to create lean and customer-focused operations across their whole groups and have a significant number of major projects as a result, we have uniquely placed ourselves to provide a support model which can ensure that this actually takes place in a quick and meaningful way. Contact us to find out more.