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The Financial State of the Sector FY19/20 is presented by Vantage and the Performance Improvement Club for the fourth year running.  The report was produced in response to a demand for a more timely and insightful analysis of the sectors financial performance and of the Global Accounts data. At a time of unprecedented change in the sector and globally, with a strong focus on delivering Value for Money (VfM) as well as new homes, the report provides invaluable strategic intelligence at a glance.

Our look at the financial position of the leading Registered Providers (RPs) has shown a year of reduced margins, pressure to build more houses and an ever-increasing cost of repairs and maintenance.

You can access your own tailored financial report based on FY19/20 accounts from across the sector.  We will intelligently select peers to compare your RP against and examine your performance.  Find out more.

Headline numbers from the report show:

  • £17.62 billion total turnover
  • Employment Costs rose to £3.96 billion, up 7.3% on last year,
  • Number of Staff members increased by 3.8% to 106,607
  • Average debt throughout the period was £67.36 billion, up 7.1%
  • Headline Social Housing Cost per Unit for was £4,213 compared to £4,037 last year.

Download the full report here.

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“We believe this report to be ground-breaking: interrogating the figures sooner, helping our clients to understand their relative performance, plan ahead and use the 2019/20 data to inform their planning. Our look at the financial position of the leading Registered Providers (RPs) has shown another year of reducing margins, with ever-increasing costs and reducing new build programmes.

The outlook for FY20/21 remains incredibly uncertain, with the impact of Covid, lockdowns, Brexit and changing
government policy still not fully known.

Tony Bryan

Chief Executive, Vantage

“We use this report to gain timely insight into the sector’s financial direction of travel. We can compare the global metrics to our own financial results and plans to help our Board understand how our performance aligns with our strategic goals. This is an important element of our value for money narrative.”
Simon Hatchman

Finance Director, PA Housing