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First Look Financial Performance of Local Authorities HRA FY16/17.

The Gateshead Housing Company and Vantage Business Solutions invite you to the unveiling of the “first look” financial headlines of Local Authorities Housing Revenue Account for FY16/17.

Our unique Local Authority accounts plus system will give you unprecedented insight into the financial performance of Local Authorities HRA and we will demonstrate techniques to generate proven savings.

  • We will unveil the first look headlines, trends and financial comparisons of Local Authorities and show you how your organisations financial performance compares to others
  • We will show financial performance by region and size
  • We will share with you the insights we have gained from examining some of the biggest financial levers that underpin your financial performance, including Repairs and Maintenance and Major Repairs costs per unit
  • We will demonstrate how you can generate up to 20% savings in your housing revenue account that will truly drive your organisation forward and create the capacity to invest these savings into new and existing stock
  • Jon Mallen-Beadle from The Gateshead Housing Company will showcase the innovative approach they are taking to generate efficiencies and savings after they took the decision to bring their repairs and maintenance service back in house

If you want to see the true financial performance of Local Authorities before anyone else, please join us.

Birmingham – Midland Heart Housing Association Offices 
Wednesday 11th October
Time: 10am – 1.30pm

Who Should Attend

  • Chief Executives
  • Deputy Chief Executives
  • Resource Directors
  • Strategic Directors
  • Service Directors
  • HRA Finance Manager / Principle Accountant

There is no charge to attend and lunch will be provided.

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Local Authority Accounts Plus is a unique tool which collates the HRA financial accounts of all Local Authorities and enables you to access detailed breakdowns and comparisons.