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Rent caps, cost of living pressures, hardship funds and vast increases in utility costs were top of the agenda at our latest CFO/FD club workshop. We will be hosting a follow up session on 27th September – before the end of the Government consultation on rent capping.

Maria Organ, Executive Director of Finance at West Kent Housing Association said,

“Given the economic climate and the uncertain political landscape, it felt the right time to convene with fellow Housing Finance Directors to discuss plans for next year’s rental income budgets and related cost pressures. Having a space to share ideas and approaches was helpful and provide a platform to refocus on changes that could be made to support residents. 

The majority of attendees reported expecting a rent cap for 2023 and 2024 (played out by the consultation launched the next day), many noted facing huge increases in utility costs, whilst most are looking at how the use of hardship funds could be used to assist the most vulnerable customers.”

Rob Bryan, Director at Vantage said,

“At Vantage we see the value in bringing the sector leaders together to find solutions and drive innovation.  Our improvement club for Housing Sector CFOs and FDs continues to provide a key platform for sharing knowledge, new ideas and creating resilience through collaboration.”

About the CFO/FDs Forum:

The “Improvement Club” for Cheif Finance Officers and Finance Directors brings together social housing providers across the country to learn and share information as a group.  Time and time again colleagues across the sector tell us they wanted a space to have more frank and honest discussions, to share experiences. Sector specific conferences tend to only cover the highlights, the success stories. This is a forum where open conversation is encouraged, a group where information is shared.

To find out more visit the forum web page.

Venue & Timings 

Location: Online
Date: Tuesday 27th September 2022
Time: 1.30pm – 2.30pm

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