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As we turn the spotlight onto our members, we spoke to Russell Thompson, Executive Director of Property Services at Thirteen Group, to discuss sector challenges and why he joined the Strategic Assets and Repairs & Maintenance Forum.

What was the main driver for you joining the Strategic Assets and R&M Forum?

For me its about engaging with like minded people in an environment were we can get into the theory and the practice and discuss how we can influence and learn with our own organisations and the sector.

What has been your biggest learning or light bulb moment since joining the Forum?

I think it was the Robotic Processing Automation presentation and the opportunities it will bring!

What do you think are the key challenges for the sector?

Understandably its new supply, however maintaining the sustainability of our existing stock is paramount and delivering excellent customer services against the back drop of political change and welfare reform.

What do you think the Forum should be focusing on in 2020?

The forum is made up of a varied and strong group of directors, we need to consider how can we influence the sector from an R&M perspective.  For example, exploring what are the biggest impacts on customer satisfaction and how much does it influence current and new customers.  How we can fill the grey area left by local authorities that are being picked up by RP’s and 2 years on from Grenfell what are we all implementing.

Russell Thompson, Thirteen Group. 

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